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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Face Lift

Boy have I been a busy lady today!  Two reasons for that really 1) Taylor is at her dads for the weekend and 2) Evan and I didn't put in any over time this weekend which almost never happens.  I took full advantage of my uninterrupted Saturday and completed not 1, not 2 but THREE projects today.  I feel pretty accomplished I must say. 

I'm going to share one with you now!

When we moved in our bathroom was a color I named (lovingly of course) "stick of butter yellow".  In our townhouse the bathrooms were purple/green and brown/turquoise.  Since we downsized here to only one bathroom I decided to start over.  Plus, we got some great bathroom items given to us for my bridal showers. 

*Side Note*
I thought having one bathroom would be terrible since we got full use out of two before but as it turns out, it's lovely.  I only have to clean one, only one toilet paper roll to find empty and our clothes only end up in one bathroom to pick up after baths.  Plus we don't have bathroom items traveling back and forth (so when I'm looking for the nail clippers they're always in the same place!).

Here's the bathroom when I started. 

Long story short, I painted.  After removing MORE wall paper boarder-ugh!  I decided when picking towels for our registry that gray and yellow would be the color scheme.  Wait yellow? Like the yellow I just painted over-yep.  I'm in love with gray lately and probably would have found a way to incorporate it in every room but I stuck with less is more of one color and did 1/2 the dining room and then the bathroom.  Here's what it looks like with the new color:

I love it.  But it doesn't really scream the look I was going for.  The bathroom was kind of country bumpkin with wood grain linoleum, wood trim and this wood vanity/medicine cabinet.  Plus it has dated gold fixtures.  They're on my style hate list right up there with wall paper. 
First thing's first, I removed the gold cabinet pulls and sanded everything down real well with "paint remover" sand paper.  That's what the package said anyways.  :)
I taped off around the lights and behind the mirrors.  Time to paint the bathroom cabinet!  I didn't take any pictures of this process for fear of getting paint on my new camera.  For whatever reason I am a really clean painter but you wouldn't know it by the condition of my hands afterwards. 
When I was done I replaced the pulls with some super sleek brushed nickle knobs.  These babies were $3.29 each ($15 for FIVE?!) but I found them on sale for .99 cents each at random while waiting for paint to be mixed one day.  I couldn't refuse a great bargain!  I always seem to find things for future projects on sale when I'm there to buy supplies for my current one.  I like that about me lol.  My husband does not hehe. 
Today you basically get a before and after.  I'm sure some readers appreciate a shorter post for once.  TRUTH!


There she is in a few different lights.  I think one can appreciate the beauty in color when seeing it under different circumstances.  That's right peeps, I painted it BLACK!  How's that for a facelift?  I was unsure it would turn out right and honestly a little scared (can you believe that?) to begin with.  I am so happy I went for it, I should just know to trust my gut by now.  It's sleek, it's modern and oh so clean looking.  I even got a "WOW" out of Evan!

Here's a few close ups of the cabinet fronts.

Do you love???  I do.  It really looks like it was purchased this way.  Such a statement piece.  This was the easiest and least time consuming project I've done for a while and it could be my favorite as far as impact goes. 

Thanks for following along!


  1. Love! You're amazing, come do my house when you're finished with yours.

  2. I was going to say the same thing, Shelby! You can come do my house anytime. I'll even help. I like doing stuff like that but lack the vision it takes to design it in my head. :)

    I love the before and after. Amazing how different it looks. Very nice.

  3. Yep absolutely love! Another job well done

  4. Thanks ladies! I've been eyeing my kitchen cabinets muah ha ha!