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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chevron Closet Makeover

Today I'm sharing my Sunday afternoon project with you all! 

I've been wanting to give our bedroom closet a makeover since we moved into our new house in October.  Here's the deal:  This closet is HUGE compared to what we've had in the past and when I first saw it I thought we would have more space than I knew what to do with.  These pictures were taken after my hubby removed all of the contents so it looks pretty bare.  Rest assured that this long, skinny closet has such a bad layout that it did not function for us. So lets look at the start...

On this end were three wooden shelves which we actually reused in the final product.  They were deep and great for storing folded clothes.  As you can see there is a bracket for a clothes rod in the middle of the wall.  We actually installed this because there was no hanging storage what so ever.  BUT-once we got clothes on there we had about 4 inches between the clothes and the outer wall.  It wasn't very ideal for getting in and out or trying to SEE anything.  Basically upon entering the closet you got a face full of clothes!
Ahh yes, the other side.  There are so many problems here it is overwhelming.  To start, this room did have carpet but we pulled it up expecting the same wood floors in the bedroom that I figured I would eventually paint.  See that big piece of plywood?  Well if you lift it up there is actually a gaping 8" hole underneath that looks like it used to encase duct work of some sort.  So the plywood stays until we figure out a solution. 
On the left hand side is the chimney, it's a problem throughout multiple rooms in the house.  :/  Plus there was severe damage to the plaster which the former owners covered with duct tape?? Yep. 
The wall paper was pealing and there's random cable cords running around.  Plus there were tin can lids covering other holes in the floor.  I never knew this used to be the standard way to fix them.  Kinda cool :)
So I stripped the wallpaper...both layers. 
(insert more duct tape patch jobs) 
and gave the room a clean coat of white paint.

Evan hung our new closet rods on what used to be the shelf end.
Then hung the shelves on the other end.  He had to cut out a corner so they'd fit in around the awkward chimney. 
Then I taped for my beautiful Chevron Stripes!
After that I headed out to the garage where my love had cut an 8 foot section of crown moulding into four 2 foot sections.  I had purchased some spray paint earlier in the week in a sweet bright green.
I sprayed up my 4 sections with two solid coats and they were looking fantastic. 
While these dried outside I went to work painting my Chevron.  I had eyeballed the green color when I bought paint and it is literally the exact same.  Turns out I have a pretty accurate eye! :)
I bet you're wondering what I have planned for that crown aren't you?  Let's just say shoe storage has been a problem for a long time in my closet.  In the past I have used this thing which is adjustable but it sits on the floor which isn't ideal.  I always stub my toe on it.
After seeing a picture on Pinterest I decided to go ahead with the crown idea.  It works wonderfully.  :)
If you're wondering what the brown stuff is, its a thick denim like fabric I had on hand from our apartment.  It used to hand in the basement on the unfinished ceiling (to cut down on the cobwebs and make it look more finished).  The wall its on now in the closet wasn't finished and drywall wasn't really in our budget or timeline for this project.  I just used some upholstery tacks and pinned it up.  I think it gives the room a sort of soft feel, It's pretty neat looking in person I promise.
Look how great these shelves work out for my ever growing shoe collection!  Plus, there's room on the other side for more as it continues...muah ha ha!
Isn't it neat how they hang right on there by the heels? 
Of course this room isn't quite done yet.  I still need to do something about the trim, it's right where it started in 100 year old crusty tan.  The floor needs some help too but I haven't made a final decision on where to go with it.  I'm contemplating super high gloss white.  Yes? 
I have to say I'm really happy with the progress I made on what should have been a lazy Sunday afternoon.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  That's what we've been trying to implement around here. 
This is a good start.  :)
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  1. I love the bright green, it really brightens up the space. I do think that the white floor would look great. My favorite part is the crown molding for the shoes. I have wanted to do that since I first saw it on pinterest but don't know quite where I will do it at yet. Keep all the post coming, I love to see what others are doing!

  2. Thank you Amber! It really feels twice the size now. :) I was skeptical about the crown holding the weight of multiple shoes but it works really well. Go for it! Customizable to any length and color. I love seeing your stuff on fb as well. :)

  3. Looks great! Ivan and I had to do the shelves and rods like that in our house in Wilton and in this house we are renting...must be something with old houses!

  4. We love it! It's such a better use of space. :) thanks for commenting!

  5., Aleasha! That's an awesome makeover! So fun! I did the same thing for my shoes in my dressing room! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

    1. Oh really?! That might be where i first saw the picture then! I'm new to your blog but i saw it on pinterest so i was probably yours. Thanks for commenting!