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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kindergarten Christmas Treats

Hi folks!
I'm sitting on my big comfy couch enjoying some fabulous Christmas wreath treats. Basically the rice crispy treat recipe with frosted cornflakes substituting. Except, they also have green coloring and red hots for "berries"! They are the yummiest thing ever and one of my favorite childhood treats. I can still picture them on our rounded "island" counter top as a child. :)

I spent 8 full hours yesterday dedicated to making my daughters first school Christmas party a real treat. I woke up at 6am to utter disbelief that school had indeed been cancelled due to the fantastic blizzard conditions eastern Iowa has endured over the last couple days.

Here you see the amount of road Evan and I could see on our way home Thursday afternoon around 11:30am. VERY faintly in the lower left hand corner of the dash. Its actually a HIGHWAY there. Fun right? Glad my hubby does the driving. We're fortunate enough to both work for the VA Hospital not only in the same building, but for the same DEPARTMENT! We have the same supervisor, all in all, a great set-up because I almost never have to endure this Iowa winter crap.

No school, Bummer. As a result, daycare and Evan and I's co-workers got to enjoy the treats. Lets face it, no way in heck i was giving our ONE 5 year old all the sugar benefits! Look how cute they were though! Santa Hat brownies, peanut butter Reindeer cookies, Peppermint kiss pretzels and Christmas Holly treats.....

We did have a decent Christmas lunch though thanks to one of our great co-workers, Doug. He planned a get together without anyone knowing and my treats were just added extra!
 Hope you enjoyed my snow day update :)

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