Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thrifted Lamp Makeover

I've been working on a few projects here and there over the last couple of weeks in our bedroom.  If you want to take a walk down memory lane to see how far we've come over the last couple years you can do so here.  I still remember the time it took to do the floors but I'm super happy I did it. 
Lets talk color.  The room is turquoise, white and brown.  I just can't let go of the wall color, we've had it in our last 2 bedrooms.  It reminds me of a Tiffany's box and what girl doesn't like that?!  But I've been thinking since the beginning that I need an accent color, it's gotten a little boring honestly.  SO, at last years Target black Friday sale I picked up this orange chevron body pillow case.  Its more marigold than orange, I guess.  You can see it on the bed here along with a great BEFORE picture of the lamps I just changed out.   
Thus far, it's been the only accent color piece in the room.  That all changed today though!  The lamps we've been using were a hand-me-down from my great grandparents to my grandparents to me a few years back.  As you can tell, the round part is this hideous glass grape stuff.  It used to be brown glass, I painted it right away and have recovered the shades a couple times. 
The shade's looking a little rough, I had already ripped off the old fabric and ribbon in this picture.  Only to find that I had covered over top of the last makeover.  I eventually got it down to the original shade and painted everything white.  Shades are interchangeable but the lamps themselves had to go.
I've been in search for some the last year or so but couldn't find a matching set for a price I liked.  I had succumbed to failure and went back to Salvation Army to pick up a lamp I had seen previously thinking a mis-match wasn't the end of the world and I found these babies.  Not just a match but on sale too!  Both for $20. 

They looked a little 80's but nothing a coat of paint wouldn't fix. 

I hadn't thought about older lamps and how the shades attach until I went to put them together but luckily, they were the same type of fixture.  Something to remember if you're going to try a project like this. 
I got to work taping off my newly stripped and freshly painted shades.  I just went for a random pattern creating different shapes to add interest. 

When I was done I used some paint that matched my pillow color to add another pop of color to the room.  I used standard craft paint in the color Marigold.  (how did you think I came up with such a descriptive color name above lol?)  Pull the tape and TA-DA! Do you love?  So excite! -yep I realize I shortened the word a bit.
Now what about a Before & After:
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